Quality Skills


Businesses have people employed who are often much more capable than they think

they are. I believe the capacity for solving organisational problems and driving the business

forwards is within the organisation’s population.


Quality skills training is about empowering people to take more ownership for their role and

making individual improvements to daily work practices.


Such a programme could consist of:


Quality Focus

Quality organisations form strong, long term, relationships with their customers and suppliers. These relationships are often referred to as "partnerships", but what does the word partnership imply?  Traditionally relationships with customers and suppliers could be described quite simply:

  • the customer and supplier don't know each other well and rarely communicate with each other.

  • they may well be locked into adversarial or even competitive positions.

  • they might try to work with each other but be unclear on the customer's mission and goals (they might even appear to be working hard to create problems!)

  • the relationship is not managed.

In the challenging environment in which we all find ourselves organisations need to encourage all employees to be ‘stake-holders’ and champions for excellence. Changing the culture to where:

  • suppliers are managed as an extension to the organisation.

  • Supplier relationships are a long-term commitment.

  • both parties have a clear understanding of the other's requirements and are seen as an integral part of the business plan.


Quality-focused organisations who operate in this way acknowledge leadership applies to everyone, and everyone is engaged and empowered to act and improve where they can – there are no ‘office dramas’ here!

Creating long-term partnerships in this way requires a new way of thinking and would require behavioural change.

Building stronger relationships with customers and suppliers will also help you to develop business by empowering and engaging your teams to navigate the changing world in which we operate, therefore, spotting new gaps in the market or exploring the full capability of your suppliers.

We would be happy to work with you to develop an approach to fit your organisation’s needs.

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