Individual Personal Development

Individual personal development should start at the induction process. Often this is not the case,

and people can sometimes be signed up to a development programme some years into their careers,

when ‘bad habits’ may have already been formed.


Recent research from the CIPD suggests job candidates are putting much more emphasis on

career development and working for organisations who live and breathe their values.


Personal development should start on day one of employment! If people have been recruited against

a set of desired competencies, they may have competence gaps which need to be filled short-term.

This then provides a platform to launch the induction process which is aligned to general development

input, and specific input personal to everyone.


A typical ‘Personal Development Programme’ could include the following,


We would be delighted to meet with you over a coffee and provide you with specific content for your requirements, and give you sample delegate reference materials.

Workshop One - Managing your own Development


This module will provide participants with an overview of the programme and enable them to utilise a number of diagnostic tools. The intention here is for them to identify where they are now and where they would like to be by the end of the programme and set learning objectives along the way.

Workshop Two - Planning


This session will help participants to focus on managing the resources they have available to them. They will get the opportunity to evaluate how work can best be prioritised and planned through a series of practical exercises.


Workshop Three – Leadership – The individual’s Role


People often think leadership is a management function, however leadership is based upon how we influence others with our behaviour. Therefore, anyone can be a leader, and can influence others (including customers) either positively or negatively.


Amongst other content, the programme touches on TQM (Total Quality Management) practices, seeing the customer as an extension of the business, and how constantly improving individual work can have a lasting impact on external and internal customers, and therefore, progressing the business.